Galileo Risk

Executive directors

Paul Rushforth

Chief Operating Officer

Paul joined Galileo Risk in 2010 as a result of the acquisition of his brokerage, Rushforth, King & Associates cc, which was founded in 1998. Paul brings strong insurer relationships to the business as well as an acute attention to operational detail.

Hayden Simpson

Managing Director

Hayden joined Galileo Risk in 2006 with a clear vision in mind. Hayden has successfully realised this vision with astute acquisitions both of business and staff. Hayden has an excellent relationship with the clients and cultivates this through regular interaction in varying situations.

Nico Barnard

Director – Western Cape

The newest addition to the team is Nico who joined in 2012 after the acquisition of his brokerage, Woodbridge Insurance Brokers. Nico founded Woodbridge in 1990 and grew it into a major brokerage in the Cape before joining forces with Galileo Risk. Nico is a former FIA board member and has valuable insight into the market.

Warren Ingram & Theo Vorster

Warren & Theo are founding Directors of our holding company¬†GalileoCapital¬†and hold seats on the board of Galileo Risk. They are an invaluable resource as they provide an outsider’s viewpoint to our issues.